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Do you know the mall has designated parking spaces for hybrid & electric cars?
Do you know there are driveway sensors to adjust the lighting of the car park at B4, saving about 50,000 kWh of electricity a year?
The lights, escalators and travelators aren’t a drain on power, thanks to auto-lighting and slow-down features.
The mall’s high-efficiency air conditioners use less electricity, preventing the emission of more than 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
Condensate water from the air-conditioning system is recycled, saving water enough to fill 2 Olympic-sized pools yearly!
Sensors help to ensure that the landscaped greenery isn’t watered on rainy days, so water isn’t wasted!
Our kitchen exhaust system uses UV technology to reduce odours. Goodbye to pungent food smells!
Our air conditioners use Variable Air Volume technology to moderate the mall’s temperature, letting you shop in comfort while saving energy!
To better control indoor humidity, more cooling coils are used in the air-conditioning system to treat air.
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